All about leather shoes

All about leather shoes

All about leather shoes

When talking about men's leather shoes, most of us think about luxury shoes. But every pair hasn’t the same quality, each type of leather is used to serve to different objects.

Some leather types

The leather of young calves has a tight texture, the material is thinner and brighter than the cow's leather so the shoes from calf’s leather will be higher quality. Some other types of fur include Kidskin (made from goatskin), Pigskin/Peccary (made from pigskin), Cordovan Shell (made from horsehair) and naturally occurring animals such as buffalo, elephant, kitten... Especially reptiles, they are very popular as accessories for gentlemen because of its durability and ease of preservation than other types of leather, but the price is not suitable for many people. Bovine skin is still the most common type of leather in the footwear industry.

Leather is not the only material to make a pair of shoes, most of the sole is made of rubber, the inside is lined with a lot of different materials and the heel is usually made of wood, rubber or plastic. If possible, it is best to use 100% synthetic leather shoes, unless you are in cold, wet conditions all year round.

Some basic men's leather shoes styles

+ Oxford Shoes (Cap Toe Oxford)

Oxford is one of the most popular types of shoes. This type of leather shoes have many colors but black and brown are always two most popular ones. It is easy to identify this type of shoes because of the sealed strings on the body and the extra leather on the toe of the shoes.

+ Monk strap shoes

This type of leather shoes is easy to identify through a layer of skin across the body with buttons on the outside of the shoes, replacing the traditional strap. There may be one, two or even three buttons depending on the design. There are two basic styles of Monk Strap: classic toe cap or rounded wing tip. The material is diversified with leather, suede and canvas.

+ Chukka shoes

Chukka is the type of boots for men. Identification is on the body of 2 to 3 pairs of piercing holes and the height of the shoes is just above or slightly ankle. This type of shoes is usually made from suede or calfskin, which is suitable for casual wear when combined with jeans, not recommended for using in office environments.

There are many other styles of shoes, depending on the design or style. For example: Brogues shoes; Driver shoes; Penny Loafer shoes…

+ Safety shoes

With the safety shoes, the sole of the shoe is a synthetic rubber with high durability. The inside of the shoes is usually made of nylon fiber, providing a smooth, comfortable feeling for the flexible movement, to meet the progress of daily work.

Safety shoes are usually designed with low neck, many outstanding features such as waterproof, anti-slippery effect, protection against nails, limited accidents caused by sharp objects. In particular, this type of shoes can help employees protect their feet from toxic chemicals, move more comfortably and safely thanks to the ability to resist shock, good elasticity.

Note when using and storing leather shoes

The best way to preserve leather shoes is to avoid water stickiness and polish regularly. Before putting on shoes, it is best to apply a layer of grease or vegetable oil to protect the leather's durability. In addition to preserving male footwear, we should use shredded paper inside the shoe, limited deformation.

Preservation of rain-soaked shoes: We have to remove the shoes lining and dry it in the house. Wiping dry with a damp cloth and wiping the face of the shoe again. Pressing the paper into a clump and insert them into the shoes, while also absorbing water and ensuring the integrity of the shoe. Changing the paper about 2 to 3 times (in 1-2 days). Absolutely no sun exposure will result in cramping, tightness, broken or torn skin.

Deodorant in shoes: Shoes used all day are sweaty and wet, causing unpleasant odors. Moisturizing bag should be placed in the shoes to absorb moisture and sprinkle chalk to deodorize. Using a deodorant pad is also a good method.

To shiny shoes: There are many good ways to do this, such as using banana peels to wipe stains on the shoes. The banana peel is not only help clean up stains, but also make shoes as new. Or using fresh milk to clean the shoes. Fresh milk also make leather shoes shine and not to crack. Older foot pads can also be used on shoe pads to replace shoe brushes, which will also help shine.

Dirty white shoes: First, you use the vinegar to wipe through, then wipe the cloth dry and then clean white. This will greatly increase the efficiency of direct shoeing.

The black leather shoes go for a while, the color will fade away, even cracked. We can use squid ink dipped in a little egg white tangled on the skin surface several times. After sweeping, we put our shoes out to dry. Then the shoes will look like new.

You may think that at the current age, being instructed to go and remove shoes is not necessary. However, there are some rules you should follow to ensure the shoe's durability. Have you ever worn or disassembled your shoes without unbuckling or unlocking? This will quickly cause them to fail. So, you need to work properly to preserve the shape and durability of the shoes.

The method to identify a real gentleman is to observe the shoes he is carrying. Although not too complex in color or shape like women, but men should note principles to choose the right leather shoes.

Summary, each costume will have a different style of shoes or color depending on the type, to choose the shoes that are most suitable for you, you should consider many factors. And leather shoes are always quite expensive, so please store them well./.


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