About Us

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Our story

We’re Edward Collins and Pham Hang Nga, founders of Sunmik. We’re been working hard to understand the essential needs of consumers for online shopping and exchange goods, as well as the desire to bring you the experience of high quality products at an affordable price. Along with our colleagues, we introduced Sunmik in 2006.

Over the past 12 years of development and maturity, Sunmik is proud to be the leading provider of high quality ecommerce investment consulting services and global online commodity provider. Now, Sunmik has been the leading business partner of many customers in the world.

Sunmik offers smart and modern shopping solutions for our busy customers. Say goodbye to time-wasting, you won’t have to spend time driving for your favorite item or bargaining for the right price. There is no need to search, contact everywhere to protect, repair or return the goods if you are dissatisfied. Just one click, Sunmik will not only solve all the nuisances during your purchase, but also provide after-sales services with customer privileges.

Sunmik is proud to bring high-class, genuine items at the most competitive prices. Customers who order Sunmik will be entitled to the goods return, refund 100%, warranty service, repair on demand. Sunmik provides free delivery service and ensure quick delivery.

In order to meet the social network using habits and online payment methods of every customer, we always strive to enhance the contact channels with customers via email, SMS, chat ... and expand the Online payment via PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card.

Founded by young, enthusiastic and passionate people who look forward to working in American-Vietnamese business community, Sunmik is on the move to become a leading brand in ecommerce. We always listen to and receive feedback from customers about the price and quality of products. Same item, more benefits with Sunmik.

Hope you have a fun shopping experience with Sunmik. Thank you for visiting our website!