Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats


Product title:

  • Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats, 100% Pure, Made in USA, Promotes Natural Anxiety Relief, Mood and Sleep, Hip and Joint Health.

Product features:

  • A HAPPY, HEALTHY PET is as close as your medicine cabinet. Our premium hemp oil delivers hip and joint pain relief, eases separation anxiety, and improves skin and coat health so your dog or cat can enjoy their best life.
  • NON-HABIT-FORMING and THC-free, SUNMIK Hemp Seed Oil offers non-psychoactive pet anxiety relief for dogs and cats. No veterinarian prescription is needed, and it is legal to possess in all states.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH organic hemp oil is cold-pressed from whole hemp seeds. It is packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and carotene for maximum anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
  • STOP PLAYING HIDE-THE-PILL because our travel-friendly dropper bottle dispenses these flavorless, odorless drops into food or water dishes. Give your pet safe, effective relief from loud noises and unfamiliar environments.
  • MADE IN THE USA Our hemp oil for dogs and cats is made from certified hemp in USA safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards in the world GMP-certified facilities for your peace of mind. Cruelty-free SUNMIK Pet Hemp Oil undergoes rigorous quality control protocols to ensure product consistency and potency.

Product description:

  • One of the healthiest oils known to man

With a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E and carotene, SUNMIK Hemp Oil promotes nose-to-tail health for your dog or cat. Rich in potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, our pet hemp oil promotes hip and joint pain relief; eases irritated skin and revitalizes dry fur; and alleviates anxiety to deter nervous pacing, spontaneous urination and trembling. With your pet more comfortable and in a calmer mood, you’ll look forward to many years of companionship together. 

  • Safe for your whole menagerie

Whether you have small- or large-breed dogs, cats, guinea pigs or ferrets, SUNMIK Hemp Oil will help ease physical pain and emotional anxiety without side effects. Full-spectrum hemp oil has no known toxicity and cannot cause lethargy or overdose. You’ll safely alleviate your pet’s stress and discomfort so they are more relaxed, less prone to destructive behaviors, and are more pleasant to spend time with.

  • Your peace of mind is our top priority

Because your furry friend is a member of the family, you want only the best hemp oil for your dogs and cats. SUNMIK Natural Hemp Seed Oil is pure, organic and non-GMO. Made in the USA at the highest manufacturing standards in the world GMP-certified facilities that use the cold-press technique, SUNMIK spares your pet from exposure to solvents and chemicals to further ensure their well-being. This lets you add SUNMIK Hemp Oil to your pet supplements with confidence.

  • Give your beloved pet the longest, healthiest life possible. Add SUNMIK Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs, Cats and Pets to your cart today.

One of the benefits of hemp oil for dogs is that it contains the chlorophyll some dogs may need to balance their digestion, and it can be easily added to their food

Hemp Oil for Dogs Does Not cause Organ Damage

With the proper dosage, the cannabidiol contained in the oil may reduce all of these problems without causing liver, kidney, or intestinal damage

Hemp Oil for Dogs May Reduce Finicky Eating

One of the many benefits of hemp oil for dogs is that it can improve the digestive process and quell bowel issues that may lead to finicky eating. The oil may also be useful for older dogs who cannot digest their food as easily as they once could

However, more owners are turning to hemp oil for dogs as the benefits and lack of side effects become apparent, no matter their breed, size, or temperament.